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    Gæstespil- OPIUM

    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    Odin Teatret

    Saturday 14th October at 19.00


    A solo performance by Magdalena Ewa Mazur
    live music: Sylwia Matuszak

    The body and voice based performance explores the mental state of a woman experiencing a relationship addiction. The performance examines emotional state of the woman who, due to emotional trauma from the past, became the person craving love too much: The Love Addict. Spending the entire energy on love and not getting enough of it back, she starts to abuse it. Who did start the abuse then? The main motivation to create OPIUM was the fact that loving too much is a common experience for many women who believe it is the only way an intimate relationships are supposed to be. The performance investigates how addiction, even love addiction, can become highly destructive, for both an individual and a relationship.

    OPIUM was devised from personal experience, as well as from research on relationship addiction, based on the book 'Women Who Love Too Much' by Robin Norwood. The script was inspired by ''Till Death do us Part: a play in one act'' by Jennifer S Hartley. The structure of the performance was established by popular love songs, such as "Ne Me Quitte Pas" by Jacques Brel. Addictive love, the theme of the performance, was inspired by work of Marina Abromovic and her partner Ulay, especially their performance of "Relation in Time". The physical act was inspired by the work of Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret. The performance puts the light on the problem of addictive relationships promoted by pop culture. In these relationships there often occurs a fight of domination, and abuse as a result.

    The artist starts the debate: where lies the line between love and obsession, love and abuse, love and addiction? Through questioning the lines, the artist highlights the patterns of behavior in relationships - in which one of the partners loves too much. As the root of relationship addiction can inevitably be traced to emotional traumas in childhood - loss, pain, abuse, and abandonment - the artist explores the patterns of relating developed in consequence of those traumas. Overall, the artist is interested in the dynamics that are always present and operating in relationship addiction: the unconscious drive to re-create the struggle from the past and, in confronting it again in the present, to emerge triumphant. It is a compulsion to play the game again and win this time. The struggle to prevail over what defeated the woman in the past becomes her obsession.




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