About Us

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret makes world-class theatre, for everyone.

We create and share unforgettable stories with audiences locally, nationally and around the world - whether on our stages, in the urban space, on tour, in schools, on the movie screen or in virtual reality. We aim to be as inclusive, diverse, and sustainable as possible.

Our artistic starting point is an interest and curiosity directed towards theatrical forms from both Western and non-Western traditions, and a desire to create a unique expression based on this meeting. We believe that our performances offer opportunities for, and are an occasion to, a meeting between differences whether you are an audience or a performer.

We enrich Danish performing arts with residencies, seminars, teaching activities, concerts, barter, guest performances, festivals and major international collaborations and networks. We create ambitious new works of high artistic quality that are the result of a unique form of work and tradition developed and refined over many years.

We extend our reach through online activities including conferences, workshops and streaming of our performances. In parallel with the expansion of our digital activities, we have as part of a strategic development project founded the Immersive Lab for Innovation in Theater Making and Archive (ILITA). A new medium for exploring the performing arts, technology, and society in a virtual universe and as a future potential that can connect locally, nationally, and internationally in a framework where new and old experiences can be drawn in the spirit of the theater laboratory. 

Whether you've seen our shows many times before or met us for the first time, we hope you will be entertained, challenged, and inspired.