The monotony has taken over the city, and in the midst of the emptiness is the man Ild, a lonely musician who has tried in vain to captivate the city's inhabitants. All of a sudden he is interrupted by a group of unicorns who are determined to bring life and joy into humanity!

Ild gets surrounded by music, dance and song, and tries to escape, but the mysterious forest spirit is summoned, and on its arrival it offers him a blue apple. To be, or not to be a unicorn? Maybe a transformation is about to begin ..


About the performance:

The blue apple is a theatrical performance by Ikarus Stage Arts that includes singing, dancing, clowning, circus and lots of music. The choreographies are inspired by African and Brazilian dances, which is accompanied by songs from all over the world and festive percussion sequences. The unicorns plays trutrucas, tambourines, djembes and chair percussion, and the songs are all strongly inspired by Latin American, African and Balkan music.

The audience will experience a cheerful and engaging performance, with space for laughter and interaction. The blue apple is suitable for the whole family, and can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

Duration: 45 min

Age: For the whole family - from 4 years

Language: English, spanish or danish

Director: Carolina Pizarro 

Assistant director and producer: Luis Alonso

Musical director: Rodrigo Contreras 


Pablo Lara 

Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft 

Simon Samuelsson 

Francesca Tesoniero 

Matias Dreva 

João de Silva 

Gabriela Arancibia Villagra 

Hui Tsyr Yang 

Michelle Marie Rodríguez 

Rodrigo Contreras

Zunzana Ďuríková