Ikarus Unicorns' Academy

Ikarus Unicorns' Academy is a space of playful artistic world which is entered through the creation of participant's own unicorns. The Unicorn represents the freedom to express yourself freely and fantastically, exercising the ability to dream. The academy is an invitation to get out of the daily rhythm, to fill the present time with good energy and spirit of play.


The idea started because in our previous performances and activities in Holstebro (seminars/workshops in schools, in the refugee’s centre, and at the Trekanten's Summer School) children have always been fascinated by the Unicorns and repeatedly have asked how to become one of them.


Together with the teachers, up to 12 participants will have the opportunity to awaken and stimulate their creativity and curiosity through physical-motor activities, group work, awareness training, perception of the space and intervention in a public space. In the training process, they will learn the fundamental principles of theatre, dance and music that will culminate in a multidisciplinary project that will be presented in the city: A Unicorn Parade and they will be part of The Blue Apple performance.


The first level of Ikarus Unicorns' Academy will be developed in 20 hours divided in seven stages:

  • Introduction, Welcome to Unicorn’s world
  • Preparation: voice, body and space
  • Performances with elements from theatre, music and dance
  • Music and steps in a parade
  • Creation of masks, props and costumes
  • The importance of the Rehearsals
  • Presentation of performances




Preparation: Body

Basic steps of Ogun, a warriors' Brazilian dance

Coordination, agility and physical dexterity.

Preparation: Voice

African songs for kids

Breathing, vocal power and self-awareness, listening.

Preparation: Musical Chairs Percussion

Fundamental of percussion using chairs

Motor-rhythmic-percussive coordination and listening.

Unicorn Masks

Creation of unicorn masks, development of particular characteristics

Development of manual artistic skills and imagination.


Work with flags and props

Work with the body and with flags in relation to space.

Music elements

Fundamentals of music theory

Develop awareness of rhythm and relationship with music.

Theatre elements:

Stage Consciousness

Theater laboratory work

Relationship with one's body, with space and with others in the space. Energy and presence.

Scenic Montage


Work with a theatrical group.