Doest it hurt?

In a boxing ring, which constitutes the theatre stage, the performance Te duele? (Does it hurt?) brings to our attention the many hardships of a young newly-wed couple.

A daily routine has already taken hold of their lives and, with it, domestic violence. Can this vicious circle be broken? We follow the young couple's daily life as if through a magnifying glass. However, it appears that this magnifying glass is not all it seems. Without warning it turns into a mirror. And all of a sudden, we, the spectators, find ourselves in a different role - we are now spectators of ourselves and our own lives.

Yessica Alvarado
John Velasco

Carolina Pizarro
Luis Alonso (Odin Teatret)

César Brie

Festum Teatro

4th of October of 2018

Special thanks to
Sirley Martínez

Ikarus Stage Arts
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Festum Teatro