Augusto Omolú (1962 - 2013) was born in Salvador, Bahia, and grew up within the religious world of the Candomblé, where he was ogan (ceremonial assistant). He began to dance in 1976 with the ensemble Viva Bahia directed by Emília Biancardi. After studying classical ballet and modern dance, he joined the Castro Alves Ballet. and was from 1982 responsible for a course in "Afro-Brazilian technique" at the Castro Alves Theatre. During the years 1983-1985, he created and directed the company Chama, working both as a dancer and choreographer. Augusto Omolú collaborated with ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) from 1994 and in 2002 he joined Odin Teatret as an actor. He gave workshops in Orixá dance technique for dance and theatre students around the world and made choreographies for ballet and modern dance companies in Brazil, Denmark and Italy. His performance Orô de Otelo, directed by Eugenio Barba, brought together his experiences with the Candomblé tradition and techniques learnt at Odin Teatret and ISTA. Augusto Omolú sometimes presented fragments of Orô de Otelo as a work demonstration.


Ode to Progress

The Great Cities under the Moon

Andersen's Dream

ISTA production

Orô de Otelo

Theatrum Mundi performances

The Marriage of Medea


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Ego Faust

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