Torgeir Wethal (1947 - 2010) was an actor, teacher, film and theatre director. He was born in 1947, in Oslo, Norway. Torgeir Wethal was one of the founders of Odin Teatret in whose performances he participated since its beginning in 1964. Before joining Odin Teatret he worked as actor in amateur productions. His professional experiences are published in The Actor's Way edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen. He was in charge of the production of Odin Teatret Film and directed several films about Odin Teatret's own performances and journeys, as well as films on actor's training which include documentaries on Etienne Decroux's Corporeal Mime, Jerzy Grotowski's Teatr Laboratorium and Odin Teatret. Torgeir Wethal closely followed the project Regula contra Regulam in collaboration with Raúl Iaiza and Teatro della Madrugada (Italy) and the Grotowski Centre (Poland). In the 1990s he followed the Natascha Network of theatre groups and in 2008 and 2009 worked with Roberta Secchi as directing advisor for her performance on Lorca.

Min Fars Hus
The Book of Dances
Presenze e Figure 
Come! And the Day will be Ours
The Million
Brecht's Ashes
The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus
Rooms in the Emperor's Palace 
Inside the Skeleton of the Whale
Ode to Progress
The Great Cities under the Moon
Andersen's Dream
Don Giovanni all'Inferno

Theatrum Mundi performances
Four Poems for Sanjukta
Ego Faust
The Island of Labyrinths

Work Demonstrations
Paths of Thought
The Whispering Winds in Theatre and Dance
Dialogue between Two Actors


Films directed by Torgeir Wethal
In the Beginning Was the Idea
On the Two Banks of the River
Physical Training at Odin Teatret
Vocal Training at Odin Teatret
Vestita di Bianco
Training at Teatr Laboratorium