A square in Nuremberg at dawn. A solitary innocent (or wild) boy appears amongst the people. The entire community sets about educating him. How does one become... a real man? The final stage of initiation is a struggle. The hands of the solitary boy, Kaspar Hauser, now adolescent, and those of his opponent, stretch out to grab a knife. With this image the lights suddenly go out.

After one performance, Martin Berg, a Danish spectator, commented: "And there, behind all this, are the faces of the other spectators opposite me, looking into my face as I look into theirs, and the eyes I see before me are so moved that I believe I understand what they see".

Photos: Roald Pay

Created in Holstebro, during the first few months after the Odin emigrated from Norway.

Actors: Jan Erik Bergström, Anna-Trine Grimnes, Lars Göran Kjellstedt, Else Marie Laukvik, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Dan Nielsen, Torgeir Wethal

Text: Ole Sarvig

Scenic space: Bernt Nyberg

Adaptation and directing: Eugenio Barba

Language: The actors speak different Scandinavian languages, according to their nationalities

Number of spectators per performance: 60

74 performances from September 1967 to February 1968 (Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden)