On the road, a disillusioned storyteller is fleeing from Creon's city. A single actor portrays all the characters. Jocasta comes to life without being present: materially she is no more than a long, raven-black wig and a length of brocade animated by the actor who, at the same time, represents the young Oedipus. Under the brocade, however, the spectator "sees" the passionate body of Jocasta, still young enough to love, responding to the caresses of the young warrior. In the emotion of the embrace, the queen says to her young king: "You are just a boy! You could be my son!". And the spectator experiences, in its simplest form, the refined cruelty of the superior powers and their joyful ravages as they fulfill to the letter that which human beings whisper in their happiest moments.

Photos: Jan Rusz

Created in Holstebro

Actor: Toni Cots

Text and directing: Eugenio Barba
Assistant director: Bernard Colin

Language: The actor speak in the language of the place where the performance takes place

Number of spectators per performance: 150

110 performances from February 1984 to 1990 (Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Peru, Spain)