The Rhythm of the Performance and the Actor's Music

WORKSHOP with words, song and music for actors, musicians, singers, dancers, directors and composers, conducted by Frans Winther.

Theatre as Music

Music is a basic component in any kind of theatre. It may take the form of song and music or provide the rhythm that seeps into the dramatic structure of a performance. Frans Winther, Odin Teatret's composer has over a number of years developed a series of workshops, focusing on theatre as music.

In the workshops actors, dancers, musicians, directors, students, drama teachers and singers work together concretely using voice, song, improvisations and montage. At the end, the common result is performed as a choreographed concert in the local neighbourhood or at Odin Teatret. The workshop normally lasts a week.

Musical Dramaturgy
A performance is a symphony of words, images, movements, but also sound that provides the impetus to its artistic drive.

The concept of musical tension is a complex phenomenon that is evident to the listener or the spectator yet hard to describe formally. An increase in tension can be described as the feeling of a build-up of excitement or of an impending climax, or an increase in uncertainty, while decreasing tension can be described as a feeling of relaxation, resolution, or fulfilment. The musical dramaturgy is a core point for the artistic result of any performance. It may be expressed through song, instrumental music, and the rhythm that underscores the dramatic structure of a performance

Content of the Workshop
Each workshop includes improvisations with voice training, song, speech and rhythm and sometimes also movements. Each day begins with vocal warm-ups as a combination of voice training exercises and exercises aiming at gaining theatrical volume and power of expression. During the workshops actors, dancers, musicians, directors and singers work together concretely using voice, song and improvisations. These materials are progressively worked into a montage that clearly demonstrates how the dramaturgy of sound can be unfolded.

The Workshop is structured as a Series of Sessions:


  • Joint improvisations
  • Individual improvisation

Words and Music

  • Presentation of a poem as speech, talk song with underlying choral work or with a tune composed for the occasion.
  • Group work with the individual poem, inserted into a musical context.


Musical Dramaturgy

  • Research of musical options in words and sentences
  • A presentation is elaborated using individual songs. Some songs are transformed, new voices or an instrumental accompaniment are added.
  • The presentation is rehearsed, with special focus on tension.

Final Presentation in local Neighbourhood or at Odin Teatret.

In order to provide an immediate tangible result to the workshop, the final result attained is performed at its closure.

How to Organise a Workshop in Denmark or Abroad

If you are interested in having this workshop for 3 or 5 days at your theatre, conservatory, theatre school, university, or other pedagogic activity please contact Frans Winther ( or Odin Teatret ( by email and ask for available periods.

For: 16 participants and 4 observers

Each participant must bring with them a poem of their choice, which they know by heart before arriving at the workshop.

The workshop is conducted in English. If necessary Italian and/or Spanish can be used. For other languages, a translator will be needed.

You can find current workshops open for application in the Calendar here.

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