According to the use you give to your wings,
you can fly or fall to the ground,
cause a tornado or offer refuge,
rekindle a fire or extinguish it.
According to the energy, the direction and the time-rhythm used
the actors decide the effects of their actions.

Luis Alonso




THEATRE PROJECT IKARUS is a space of research designed for people who wish to develop their acting technique through annual meetings, during which we will explore different strategies to create stage material, using training as a bridge for creation, and integrating study and exchange on practice and theory and its empirical application.

Holstebro, Denmark, July 2018

Second Meeting:  

Holstebro, Denmark, July 2017

First Meeting:
The Actor's Wings

In the period 1st - 31st July 2017, Luis Alonso, Odin Teatret actor-student, in collaboration with Arianna Romano, artist in residence at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, will direct the THEATRE PROJECT IKARUS: THE ACTOR'S WINGS, centred on actor's training, creative process and barters: 


  • Looking for a personal training.
  • Kalaripayattu and Silambam training principles.
  • Exchange of theoretical ideas and empirical application.

Creative Process

  • Bridge from training to creation: Application of the training materials to a small format stage project.
  • Urban intervention technique: Creation of a character and/or a routine for using in unconventional spaces.


  • Share socially one or more skills that each participant has already acquired and discover its stage potential. During the project, we will make different activities for children and resident families at the Holstebro Asylcenter (Refugee Centre).





Wednesday 26 July 2017
19:00 My Stage Children a stage story by Else Marie Laukvik.
Place: Odin Teatret. Performance in Spanish 

Thursday 27 July 2017
19:00 The Starry Messenger with Donald Kitt, directed by Tage Larsen. Place: Odin Teatret. Performance in English.

Friday 28 July 2017
19:00 El panadero with Dario Mené, directed by Ettore Nigro, Teen Théâtre and Teatro Maurei, Italy.
Place: Odin Teatret. Performance in Italian.

Saturday 29 July 2017
11:00 Ikarus Parade, intervention in town, starting at Nørreport.

16:00 El niño del cerro el plomo with Catalina Muñoz and Gonzalo Hernández, Triskel Artes Escénicas, Chile.
Place: Odin Teatret. Performance in Spanish.


Odin Teatret 
Leaders of the project: Carolina Pizarro, Luis Alonso. 

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Ikarus Project Participants: Catalina Muñoz, Gabriela Arancibia Villagra, Alvaro Paez, Yarett Aguila, Maria Catalina Jorquera, Gonzalo Hernández (Chile); Michelle Marie Rodriguez (Puerto Rico); Jerome Viveret (France); Dario Tamiazzo, Francesca Pesce, Francesca Tesoniero (Italy); Andreyna Ordaz Carías, Yazel Parra Nahmens (Venezuela); Bi Qing Cheng, Xiaoyue Zhang (China); Jessica Alvarado, John Velasco (Colombia); Benjamin Slavutzky, Milagros Plaza Diaz (Argentina); João Silva (Portugal); Jessica Saras Ramos (México); Paola Vilchez Ramirez (Perú); Jonas Neergaard (Denmark), Johana Sanchez (Ecuador).