Before and after presenting the performance, the two actors, Valerio Peroni and Alice Occhiali, propose a Theatre Workshop/Masterclass of a minimum of three hours.

During this meetings the two actors will work with the students:
- Theoretically, explaining the themes and the process of the creation of the performance.
- Practically, proposing exercises from an actor’s practice.

The work will focus on the actor’s psycho-physical training through exercises and games that develop the participants’ attention and stage presence.
The idea of proposing a theatre workshop before or after seeing the performance comes from the need to contact the participants on a different level that is not just performative. 
Creating a personal relationship with young participants breaks down the natural distance between spectator and actor.


The length of the MASTERCLASS/WORKSHOP could be:

-  2 Hours  (60 minutes theoretical part + 60 minutes practical part )
-  1 Hour and a half  (30 minutes theoretical part + 60 minutes practical part )
The length of the Masterclass/Workshop can change according to the needs of the organisers.

The education proposed consists in:

⦁ transmitting concrete theatre techniques on the use of the voice and body
⦁ using techniques of improvisation to open and increase stage presence
⦁ working on imagination and mind openness putting aside every kind of judgement
⦁ helping the openness towards the others, the communication and the relationships
⦁ working in relationship with music, using it as a main tool to create dialogues and contact among people.

Topics of the performance:

⦁ Journey as a path of growth and discovery.
⦁ Family relationships.
⦁ Relationship between human beings and nature today.
⦁ Relationship between human beings and animals.
⦁ The importance of the rites of passage that mark the various stages of life.
⦁ Bond between brother and sister. Reflection on empathic relationships.
⦁ Relationship between human beings and material goods.



a co-production of Váli Theatre Lab and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium-Odin Teatret

With: Valerio Peroni, Alice Occhiali

Dramaturgy and Direction: Valerio Peroni, Alice Occhiali

Technical Assistance: Jon Lehmann

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