The party of strangers - workshop

The Party of Strangers is an intensive theatre workshop with a pedagogical and performative aim.
At the end of the workshop participants will present a work in progress performance.
With this workshop, Váli Theatre Lab offers a professional experience in the field of theatre.
Young people can experience theatre practice through a concrete and professional approach and method.
Every participant is solicited and helped to express her/himself, through various theatre techniques that start from a physical approach.
Using the actor’s psycho-physical training each participant will develop attention and stage presence, rediscovering and exploring their bodies, voice and imagination in a creative way. Moreover, it will be an opportunity to experience a different way of being with others and themselves, creating a space for expression, communication, contact and social relationships free of judgement.
Dropping daily social masks, participants will be able to create new relationships and new ways of being that can be useful also in everyday life.
The leaders of the workshop, Alice Occhiali and Valerio Peroni, founders of Váli Theatre Lab, are experts in theatre pedagogy addressed to children, teenagers and adults. They work with professional actors, students and amateurs, focusing their research on the actor’s dramaturgy. This terminology refers to the actor’s creative/expressive process, which includes composition work and montage of actions (physical, vocal and inner).
Their practice is based on sessions of physical and vocal training and different principles of dramatic art, to give the participants tools of stage presence. Through individual and group exercises, the work will explore the study of stage actions through training that involves body, voice and imagination. Their aim is to create a bridge from the pre-expressive to the expressive level: starting from training to reach creation of original material to stage.

The Party of Strangers is an exclusive party to which only a few special and peculiar people who are in some way STRANGE are invited.
The characteristic of these people is that they are unique, because they have a special and extra-ordinary ability that no-one else in the world has.
They seem normal and from the outside they look like everyone else, but in reality they are not.
All the participants to the party are STRANGERS, because they don't know each other, and they are meeting at this special party for the first time.
The party has a dress code: vintage clothes, and the only colours admitted are black and white.


The workshop will focus on the study of stage action: physical, vocal and inner.
Participants will work especially on the three parameters of the physical action (speed, volume, and intensity) through group and individual exercises.
Moreover, part of the work will focus on the creation of characters that will give life to a work demonstration called "The Party of Strangers".

Daily work will be divided into two parts:
-The first part will focus on the actor’s psycho-physical training through theatrical exercises and improvisations that develop attention and stage presence.
- The second part will focus on the creation of characters, on their elaboration and on finding relationships between them.

A work in progress demonstration will be created using this approach.

The length of the workshop can be:

- 3 day intensive session (6/8 hours per day)
- 4 day intensive session (6/8 hours per day)
- 5 day intensive session (6/8 hours per day)

The length can change according to the organisers’ needs


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