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JTA (Journal of Theatre Anthropology) Number 1/2021 - The Origins (in English)

JTA (Journal of Theatre Anthropology) Number 1/2021 - The Origins (in English)

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Journal of Theatre Anthropology 1 - The Origins
Mimesis Edizioni, Milano, Italy 2021. 253 pages, illus. In English. ISBN 978-88-5757-809-5 ISSN 2784-8167.
Editor: Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret, Denmark)

Managing Editor: Leonardo Mancini (Verona University, Italy)
Editorial Board: Simone Dragone (Genoa University, Italy / Odin Teatret Archives), Rina Skeel (Odin Teatret, Denmark), Julia Varley (Odin Teatret, Denmark)

JTA-Journal of Theatre Anthropology, annual journal founded and directed by Eugenio Barba.
Conceived within a comprehensive knowledge-sharing project on actor's techniques, JTA is published under the auspices of the International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA), with the support of the Fondazione Barba Varley, in collaboration with Odin Teatret Archives and the Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies of the Dramaturgy Department of Aarhus University (Denmark).
The first issue of JTA, “The Origins” (253 pages, 190 illustrations), features articles and studies translated into English or written in the original languages (Spanish and French), with a foreword by Eugenio Barba and an editorial by Julia Varley.
Organised into five sections, Origins, Comments, Reflections and Discussions, Recurring Principles and News, the contributions range from early research on theatre anthropology to the reflections of scientists and theatre historians such as Peter Elsass, Patrice Pavis, Jean-Marie Pradier, Franco Ruffini, Nicola Savarese, Nando Taviani, Moriaki Watanabe, to testimonies of performers such as Katsuko Azuma, Ana Correa, Sanjukta Panigrahi, I Made Pasek Tempo, Julia Varley and others.
For editorial information and contacts: Leonardo Mancini (jta@ista-online.org)
Journal open-access website: https://jta.ista-online.org
Scientific Committee
Monique Borie (Paris 3 University, France), Patrick Campbell (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), Patricia Cardona (National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, Mexico), Raquel Carrió (Instituto Superior de Artes, Cuba), Tatiana Chemi (Aalborg University, Denmark), Erik Exe Christoffersen (Aarhus University, Denmark), Vicky Ann Cremona (Malta University, Malta), Fabrizio Cruciani (in memoriam), Marco De Marinis (Bologna University, Italy), Peter Elsass (Copenhagen University, Denmark), Clelia Falletti (La Sapienza Rome University, Italy), Piergiorgio Giacchè (Perugia University, Italy), Ricardo Gomes (Ouro Preto Federal University, Brazil), @Richard Gough (South Wales University, UK), Kirsten Hastrup (Copenhagen University, Denmark), Leszek Kolankiewicz (Warsaw University, Poland), Annelis Kuhlmann (Aarhus University, Denmark), Thomas Leabhart, Pomona College (USA), Adam Ledger (Birmingham University, UK), Luciana Martuchelli (actor/director, Brazil), Lluís Masgrau (Barcelona Theatre Institute, Spain), Patrice Pavis (National University of the Arts, Korea), Franco Perrelli (Bari University, Italy), Jean-marie Pradier (Paris 8 University, France), Francesca Romana Rietti (Roma Tre University, Italy), Franco Ruffini (Roma Tre University, Italy), Nicola Savarese (Roma Tre University, Italy), Mirella Schino (Roma Tre University, Italy), Nando Taviani (in memoriam), Jane Turner (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), Susanne Vill (Bayreuth University, Germany), Ian Watson (Rutgers University, USA), Ana Woolf (actor/director, Argentina).