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The Open Page 12 Theatre - Women - Song (in English)

The Open Page 12 Theatre - Women - Song (in English)

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The Open Page 12 - Theatre - Women - Song 
Edited by Gilly Adams, Geddy Aniksdal, Maria Ficara, Maggie Gale and Julia Varley. Odin Teatrets Forlag, Denmark 2007. 112 pages, illus. In English, with CD. ISBN 978-87-87292-14-6

The 2007 issue 12 of the annual journal of The Magdalena Project “Theatre-Women-Song” contains articles which speak of songs which accompany, inspire and reveal a sense of our work of women in theatre: an emotion-filled flowing tide that reaches out to people in other continents and eras. The editors decided to accompany this issue with a compilation CD of excerpts provided by the authors, to complement the written word with the aural sensation of the vibration of the voices and music.





Gilly Adams
Geddy Aniksdal
Maria Ficara
Maggie Gale
Julia Varley