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On The Two Banks Of The River

On The Two Banks Of The River

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On the Two Banks of the River
The story of Odin Teatret and the people in a foreign country (1978)

"At present it is forbidden to give performances, or attract crowds, either
indoors or in the street."
There is martial law in the country Odin Teatret has come to. The authorities
keep a sharp eye on theatre groups, who create disorder, gather
crowds, because when people collect together anything can happen.
In 1978 Odin Teatret travelled to Peru. The film, which shows how they
managed to play their performances and come into contact with people,
in spite of the restrictive conditions, is essentially about the strategy of
insubordination by means of theatre. Odin Teatret is seen training in a
slum, organising parade s in Indian villages, performing in an Ayacucho
prison and taking part in several barters.
Traditional celebrations had not been forbidden. The authorities knew that
fireworks were less harmful than- paving stones. Some people invited
Odin Teatret who agreed to perform on condition the local people accepted
a barter: they should also show something of theirs.

Film director and scriptwriter: Torgeir Wethal
Photographers: Morten Bruus-Pedersen & Roald Pay
Photogaphers assistant: Peter Bysted & Tony D'Urso
Editor: Niels Pagh Andersen
Sound: Niels Skousen
Actors: Torben Bjelke, Roberta Carreri, Toni Cots, Tom Fjordefalk, Else Marie Laukvik, Tage Larsen, Francis Pardeilhan, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Silvia Ricciardelli, Julia Varley, Torgeir Wethal.

Production: Odin Teatret Film. 56 min. Colour. 1978.
Voice over in English, Danish, French, Italian or Spanish

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