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Physical Training at Odin Teatret

Physical Training at Odin Teatret

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Physical Training at Odin Teatret
Work demonstration at Odin Teatret (1972)

Odin Teatret's physical training, with a commentary by Eugenio Barba, showing its evolution from collectively learned skills to the actor's personalisation of the exercises.

Director and scriptwriter: Torgeir Wethal
Assistant director: Leif Bech
Photographers: Morten Bruus-Pedersen & Roald Pay
Editors: Torgeir Wethal & Christian Hartkopp
Sound: Per Meinertsen
Sound assistant: Jan Torp Jensen
Actors: Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Tage Larsen, Jens Christensen, Torgeir Wethal

Odin Teatret Film. 54 min. Colour 1972.
Version restored in 2012 in collaboration with the Centro Teatro Ateneo of “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

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