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The Unstable Space of Theatre

The Unstable Space of Theatre

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The Unstable Space of Theatre

The film has a didactic function and consists of two parts.

The first part lasts ten minutes and is made of animated graphics. 
After a synthetic introduction that presents the main mechanisms of a spectator’s vision, the graphics explain the main differences between the "Italian stage" frontal view and Odin Teatret’s characteristic "river space". The animation of a drawing of Brecht’s Ashes set design
illustrates the various relationship modes between actor and spectator of the "river space".

The second part lasts 36 minutes and shows short video montages of all Odin Teatret’s group performances, starting with Ornitofilene (1964) and ending with The Tree (2016). The images of the performances give concrete examples of the theoretical possibilities presented in the first part.

A film by Eugenio Barba, Claudio Coloberti, Color, 46 min.
Production: Odin Tratret Film, 2017

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