02. - 03. Nov 2017


Thursday 17.00 hrs
Friday 19.00 hrs


Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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120 kr. (Students/Pensioners 60 kr.)

Here-land is a performance about remembering and forgetting. It's about trying to figure out the inner puzzle of an inner story: the personal puzzle of the "here and now".

It's a journey with artists setting and breaking apart puzzles, pieces of stories, pictures and memories. A journey from being in the moment of getting lost on the path of life.

The artists self-intent and their actual "being in the here and now " is a constant search of their own path to home and the path to artistic enlightenment. 


Through the legacy and unique artistic language of The Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater, this performance invites the audience to take the journey together in their own pieces and create a new puzzle.

The Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater was established in the year 2000 by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture in Israel. David Maayan, a prominent contemporary creator, was chosen as artistic director of the theater. Since then, Maayan, together with a core group of fine artists has been developing a unique theatrical language, several performances were created, and successfully shown in Israel and abroad.

Today around 20 artists are actively involved in the Center which is located in a former warehouse in the old industrial area of Shlomi, northern Israel, close to the border with Lebanon.

The Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater is devoted to creating and encouraging original, innovative theatre art.

In addition, the Center fosters a dialogue between artists and the local community, in such areas as education, art and culture. Besides making theatrical events, Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater also has a School for Alternative Theater and works with community involvement.

Neta Plotzki, Magdalena Klein, Alain Koginski, Pablo Zaltzman, Bar Pesach, Adva Levi, Sivan Shachar, Graciela Jaichenko, Simcha Shimshon, Michal Gil, Gustavo Bustamante, Barak Nachshol.


Concept: Pablo Zaltzman, Claudio (Pancho) Edelberg
Director: Pablo Zaltzman
Space Design: Claudio (Pancho) Edelberg
Music: Gustavo Bustamante
Lighting design: Bar Pesach
Video Art: Fabien Fittusi
Movement: Neta Plotzki , Magdalena Klein
Costumes & Props: Alain Koginski , Adva Levi-Goshen


Artistic advisor: David Maayan
Photography: Graciela Jaichenko
Rehersals Director: Barak Nachshol
Producer: Sarit Yaya
Technician: Simcha Shimshom
Multimedia Operator: Sivan Shachar
Lighting Operator: Nili spanier
Marketing & PR : Meir Bar-Giora