Seahorses - myter og halmballer


02. - 16. Dec 2017


Se program


Struer Industrihavn
Østkajen 4
7600 Struer, Denmark

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Se program

Seahorses - Myths and Strawbales is rethinking the city spaces and the city's gate to the fjord with Icelandic horses dancing flamenco in the spotlight by the habour; with a sea of interventions by and with local people. The intention with this project is to include citizens from near and far in the glare of Greek myths, local stories and seafaring tales. The myth is the basis of the stories that unite people about a common narrative.

The 14 day project is a co-creation that includes Struer harbour as well as a large number of associations, farmers, livestock and horses from all of Holstebro and Struer municipality. The stage is the industrial habour in Struer, and in an empty warehouse at Struer Harbour, a different theatre hall with 20 tons of gravel, 24 big bales and 200 small straw bales is being built. The straw bales and gravel will transform a former freight hall into an unusual theatre space.

During the two weeks, the performance "Saeta by the Sea" will be performed 7 times in this warehouse, with room for 150 spectators each night, seated on straw bales. In the daytime, the hall and the entire industrial harbour area will become filled with performances created by local associations in collaboration with international artists, arrived just to be part of this project.

Cultural barters is the driving force behind this co-laboration. Everyone bring their special talent; parkour, the hand milking of a cow, tuba-playing or sheep-herding with a shepherd dog are just a few examples. With added live music and songs from the Danish song treasure, sung by a local choir together with the traveling musicians.

Landsby Laboratoriet ( has moved its skewed ideas from Idom-Råsted to Struer on the occasion of the Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture.

Seahorses has been created and orchestrated by Kai Bredholt and Per Kap Bech Jensen from the Landsby Laboratoriet. 

Programme below in pdf-format (in Danish)

Seahorses - Struer Habour

Saeta by the Sea

Seahorses - Myths & Strawbales