Christian Yde Frostholm


06. April 2017




Nørregade 40
7500 Holstebro, Denmark

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80 kr. (studerende og unge under 21 år: 40 kr.)

Spring Season 2017

2 February: Per Aage Brandt og Henrik Francis Thomsen
2 March: Nadia Josefina el Said og Ursula Scavenius
6 April: Christian Yde Frostholm


Thursday 6 April:

Christian Yde Frostholm

Poetry on a Thursday is a regular evening event in Holstebro which gives people the opportunity of meeting contemporary Danish poets. These evenings, at which the invited poet reads his or her own poems, happen three times in the spring - February, March and April - and three times in the autumn - September, October and November - on the first Thursday of the month in question.

This event involves other activities such as musical interludes by Odin Teatret's House Orchestra as well as other musicians and orchestras, the reading of the winning poem from the Poem of the Month competition, readings from The Rubâijât by Omar Khajjâm in Farsi and other languages, the reading of a favourite poem by a well-known Holstebro personality, an essay about the poet of the evening, the sale of books of poetry and, last but not least, the serving of the Wine of the Month to the audience.

Poetry on a Thursday usually takes place at the newly restored at Knudsen's theatre on Holstebro's central pedestrian precinct. It is organised by Odin Teatret in collaboration with Holstebro Gymnasium and HF (High School), Holstebro Bibliotek (library), Holstebro Musikteatret, Arnold Busck bookshop, Holstebro Education Centre and Holstebro Kunstmuseum (Museum of Art). It enjoys the support of the Municipality of Holstebro and the Danish Arts Council and Literature Centre.

Send the best from your desk drawer and participate in
the poem of the month competition.

The selected poem will be read out loud on the night. 
Send no later than the day before the event to:
Ulrik Skeel
Odin Teatret, Postboks 1283,
7500 Holstebro
Marked månedens digt

or to

TICKETS can also be bought online:

A glass of wine is included in this symbolic price.