Horseplay Everyday


27. May - 19. Jun 2017


Arrival: 27 May 2017
Departure: 19 June 2017


Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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7.000 kr. - see below

A stampede in mask and large scale puppetry

A 3-week workshop led by Deborah Hunt (Maskhunt Motions, Puerto Rico) and Donald Kitt (Odin Teatret) leading to a series of public performances during the HOLSTEBRO FESTUGE 2017 THE WILD WEST - Roots and Shoots: Re/think.

The workshop is an intensive training and building experience creating horse helmet masks and extravagant hobbyhorses to participate as an autonomous self-contained herd as part of a bigger dramaturgy involving other artists and companies.
Beside the specific mask work, participants will experience preparation and interaction with the community, the demands of performing in different venues and outdoors, and in performances with other artists some of which directed by Eugenio Barba.
In this workshop each participant will:
Create a horse mask and a fantastical animal headed hobbyhorse and rider.
Form part of a chorus of horse headed human characters that can move as one in different milieus.
Participate with citizens and children of Holstebro in exotic animal processions throughout the town.
Be responsible for planning and directing an event in town assisted by Deborah Hunt and Donald Kitt.

During the first two weeks, each participant will:
Create these masks and hobby-creatures from papier maché;
Teach a simple hobby horse construction to a group of school children;
Train as a chorus of horse-citizens and be involved in a dramaturgical structure in collaboration with other performances during the Festuge.
Every day there will be physical training led by Donald Kitt and sessions of mask making and use led by Deborah Hunt.

During the last week, the group will perform all over Holstebro and surroundings actively participating in the events of other local and international groups during the period of the Festuge 2017 (10-18 June).
There will be performances and work demonstrations with Odin Teatret, Teatro tascabile di Bergamo and Théâtre du Centaure, and regular meetings with Eugenio Barba, during the period of the workshop.

About ...

Deborah Hunt is a mask maker, puppeteer and performance artist working since 1973 in the creation and presentation of original works. She is a creator of miniatures and giants, a pedagogue of puppetry and mask performance. Deborah was born in New Zealand, and has resided in Puerto Rico since 1990. She worked with Red Mole Enterprises (New Zealand) and Toporojo (New Mexico and Central America). In Puerto Rico she founded Maskhunt Motions, a nomadic laboratory for experimental object theatre work and describes her work as theatre of the useless. She is creator of 1st and 2nd Festivals of the Theatrical Mask, Encounter of the Performing Object, and Caminalumina: 1st Festival of Light and Shadow in Puerto Rico. Deborah is resident artist of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico 2013-2016 and is a member of the North American Commission of UNIMA. She has published Masks, and Masked Faces, a manual for the construction of masks, and Puppets, Puppetry and Gogmagog, a manual for puppet construction. Deborah Hunt teaches regularly at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret.

Donald Kitt was born in Canada in 1964, just a few days after Odin Teatret was born. After studying at the University of Winnipeg, he acted in many performances until 1989, when he co-created Primus Theatre in Canada, a company dedicated to original, multi-disciplinary performances which toured throughout Canada, USA and Europe. After the group ceased its activities in 1998, Donald Kitt moved to Italy where he worked as a performer, teacher and stilt instructor. In 2006 Donald joined Odin Teatret and now, as well as acting, he performs on stilts, teaches workshops and directs an evolving group of young stilters and performers involved in barters and transformances (theatricalisation of a specific social milieu) in Denmark. Donald Kitt has also worked independently with Tage Larsen, the director of his solo performance The Starry Messenger

Arrival: 27 May 2017
Departure: 19 June 2017

Application form to be sent to

marked: HORSEPLAY before November 30th.

*All applicants will receive an answer by 2 December 2016.

FEE: 7.000 DKK

(approx. 950 Euro), which must be paid by 15 February 2017 once you have received confirmation of selection,

The fee includes:

  • communal lodging at the theatre 
  • free access to services (kitchen, laundry and wireless internet)
  • material for mask making, use of working venues and stage equipment.


During the Festuge, 10-18 June, the participants will receive food together with other invited artists.
Language: The workshop will be conducted in English. Deborah Hunt can also communicate with the participants in Spanish.
A more detailed schedule of the work with information about clothing will be sent to the participants who have been selected.
Participants will be requested to help with practical tasks inside the theatre, including daily cleaning.