10. - 18. Jun 2017



Holstebro by & Kommune

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Holstebro Festuge

10-18 June 2017


The Wild West

Roots and Shoots: Re-think




Holstebro, the cultural town of western Jutland, reveals its inner universe of dreams, longing, fiction, wildness and visions. The western becomes the Wild West: nature, passion and the west Jutland soul, the strong winds, the soil, emigrants and new parishioners, guests, the art and vitality.


During this 10th edition of Holstebro Festuge (Festive Week) 2017: The Wild West - Roots and Shoots: Re-think, the impossible becomes possible. With theatre in the streets, horses on the beach, music in the air, wild cats and dogs, genuine live centaurs, and much, much more.


2017 is also the year when Holstebro Festuge becomes part of a much larger European funded project, namely European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. Through Re-think Theatre, Aarhus 2017 has made it possible to invite two very special companies to Holstebro: Théâtre du Centaure (France) and Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italy).


And Holstebro Festuge will furthermore be part of the large scale European funded Social Community Theatre project: Caravan Next, made up of 13 European partners and Odin Teatret - Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium as the leading partner. The Festuge will be among the 30 largest Caravan Next theatre events on a worldwide level, and will include European theatre groups as well as a vast number of international observers.


The international Holstebro Festuge however is local. The organised performance events and surprise happenings include both international guest performers as well as sports and leisure clubs, schools, churches, ethnic and religious minorities, soldiers, local shops and associations, the health sector, old age centres - and more than 100 various milieus participate in the many interconnected activities.


Holstebro Festuge is dancing another kind of dance. Always unpredictable. Always unusual!


A selection of programmed events


When the Sea Came to Holstebro: Opening performance on 10th June, directed by Eugenio Barba and the leader of Teatro Potlach (Italy), Pino di Buduo. A surprising multi composition in the centre of Holstebro with the participation of 150 national and international artists as well as local citizens and milieus.




Théâtre du Centaure (France): To be half-human-half-horse is the essence of the centaur-actor's world-renowned work and unique performances. Théâtre du Centaurehas performed in New York, Singapore,  Istanbul, Berlin, Rotterdam, Rome and Paris. During Aarhus 2017 they can be experienced in and around Holstebro with their unique centaur events and performances. In the centre of Holstebro you will find the Centaur village, and in the park, Midnight Ceremony; there will be barters and unannounced appearances, when the centaurs will turn up at the local bakery, in a bank or a care home for the elderly. And Animaglyphe, a completely unique landscape chorography with hundreds of horses, animals and the unique west coast landscape which you will find by the beach of Husby.




Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italy): From previous visits, Teatro tascabile di Bergamo are well known and loved by many a citizen of Holstebro for their incomparable street theatre techniques on stilts with colourful costumes and props. Through years of exploring Asian dance and theatre forms, they have become well known throughout Italy and all over Europe. Teatro de tascabile di Bergamo will move around Holstebro independently but also participate in barters and the project Festjylland.


Shady Town Slaughterhouse: An abandoned and partly demolished slaughterhouse in Holstebro has become a place where the arts and local youth groups explore their creativity with music and theatre, art installations and happenings. Every day between 10.00 - 02.00.


Wild Cards: A performance by Tage Larsen (Odin Teatret) in collaboration with Teatro dell'Albero (Italy), Teatr Brama (Poland), ZID Theater (The Netherlands) as well as local participants and international workshop participants.


Wild Island: In collaboration with local scouts and volunteers, Isadora Pei (Italy), build a theatre island in the middle of the river Storå, where invited guests create artistic events every day during the Festuge.




Wild Cats Wild Dogs: Happenings and fast interventions at all hours of the day, with Roberta Carreri (Odin Teatret), invited parkour artists and local parkour practitioners, at the Holstebro Asylcenter and in villages around Holstebro. The events are created in collaboration with the OrkesterEfterskolen.


Festjylland and Barters: Theatrical interventions by Kai Bredholt (Odin Teatret) along with the Idom Village Laboratory (Landsbylaboratoriet, Denmark), Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italy), local farmers, horses, tractors, 96 straw bales, a big band, drones, ballet dancers, all-terrain vehicles, contemporary circus artists, an Italian choir, stilt artists and sheep. And not least a newly written symphony by the composer, Frans Winther (Odin Teatret).


Mayor in Residence: A continuous day and night performance formed as a campaign to become Mayor of Holstebro representing the new party: KUNSTPARTIET (the Art Party). The performance culminates during Holstebro Festuge after an 18 month campaign under the slogan Beauty above all. Mayor-in-Residence was originally created and directed by Giuseppe L. Bonifati (Italy) who is artist-in-residence at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium together with Linda Sugataghy (Hungary) and Alberto Martinez Guinaldo (Spain).





Atalaya/TNT - Spain

Deborah Hunt - Puerto Rico

DOO - Italy

Isadora Pei - Italy

KompaniTO - Norway

Kunstnerduoen Jens og Morten - Denmark

Marije Nie - The Netherlands

Teatr Brama - Poland - Co-financed by MCNH of the​ Republic of Poland​

Teatro dell'Albero - Italy

Teatro Potlach - Italy

Teatro tascabile di Bergamo - Italy

Teresa Ruggeri - Italy

Théâtre du Centaure - France

Victor Tambo - Denmark

Vilja Itkonen - Finland

ZID Theatre - The Netherlands




Holstebro Festuge is coordinated by Odin Teatret. Several development meetings were held during 2016 to exchange ideas and share information between organisers. The overall theme, proposed by Odin Teatret, serves as the unifying wall, against which all organisers are bouncing off.



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