Clase magistral con Tage Larsen


10. October 2018


09:00 - 12:00


Fundación Minera Escondida
Gustavo Le Paige 527
San Pedro de Atacama, Región de Antofagasta, Chile

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Relationships Between Text and Physical Actions

A masterclass led by Tage Larsen, dealing with special physical approaches to a text and the realization of a text

The masterclass is based on a dynamic, visual and sonic preparation of an actor through physical and vocal training. The training will explore and challenge the actors’ physical ability, imagination, and capacity to create and mould expressions. The actors will learn exercises and then begin to create some of their own. A personal set of actions will be linked together to be repeated in various ways, working on space, rhythm, volume, resistance, colours, humour and so on. Improvisations and compositions will be fixed and refined in their physical form and then confronted with a text. Text and action will give and take from each other.

Each participant is required to learn a text by heart, which s/he can use for voice training. A prose text of about 20-30 words, which can be spoken without thinking.

Organiser & Contact



Alejandra Rojas Pinto
Directore General
Tel: +56 994719422

Juan Pablo Jacob
Productor General
Tel: +56 992007626