Malartú Banquet of Poetry and Song


27. October 2018


12:00 - 14:00


Teach Lon Dubh
Haresmead Y35 XW93
Foulkesmills Ireland

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Irish, Danish and Mexican cultures interact in a unique rural environment

Danish theatre director and musician Kai Bredholt (Odin Teatret) will direct a dramtised conceert with selected local participants in the village of Foulkesmills, Co. Wexford. 

Malartú Banquet of Poetry and Song” is a once-off event that will tell stories of the locality and the world through songs, poetry and music.

This unique multi-disciplinary performance will combine the practices of several amateur and professional musicians, singers, dancers and poets of the areas of Foulkesmills, Clongeen and beyond. Invited Artistic Director Kai Bredholt and his parter and wife Erika Bredholt will meet with selected participants in the days prior to the performance to learn more about their stories and exchange ideas.

Malartú (Irish for “Barter”) will reveal some of the ways in which we define what constitutes a community. It will mirror the DNA of this region of Wexford and perhaps invite reflection on our own place in our communities.

Kai Bredholt said: “ In my 24 years as an actor at the Odin one of my responsibilities has been to do the barters all around the world. A barter works on a very simple principle- if I sing a song for you then you sing for me or do something else that you are good at.
Every society has circles that never meet. I use the theatre of reciprocity and barter to make these circles collide. It is through this encounter that curiosity, understanding and acceptance of the other can come about. We gather people and concentrate on what the participants can do, this allows them to shine with dignity, whatever their background, age or culture. I use theatre as a means to make the encounter of cultures possible.”

Malartú Banquet of Poetry and Song” is organised by Lon Dubh Productions, run by Mexican native Karla Sanchez-Zepeda and her Irish husband Oisín.Commenting on the project Karla said:

We are in the middle of the countryside, socially and culturally, we want to promote local pride, ideas and opportunities. This will be a great opportunity for us to interact with our community and experience the arts in a non-traditional way. Hopefully the audience will really enjoy the mix of Irish, Danish and Mexican cultures in this unique context.

This event is possible thanks to the support of the “Small Arts Festival & Experimental Events Grant Scheme” of the Art Department of Wexford County Council.

“Malartú Banquet of Poetry and Song” will take place at Teach Lon Dubh, Haresmead, Foulkesmills, Co. Wexford on Saturday October 27th at 12 noon.

This is a FREE ticketed event.