Nocturne for babyer og deres søvnige voksne


09. - 10. Nov 2018


Fredag 09:30 - Udsolgt
Lørdag 09:30


Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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60 kr. (barn med voksen)


Nocturne for babies and their sleepy adults
is a new concert performance for 0-3 year olds and their sleepy adults. It will premiere November 2018 in Denmark, and tour Denmark and UK in 2019.

The piece invites babies and toddlers to indulge in close-harmony singing, to enjoy the vibes of the big double base, that often rocks it's own violin baby, and to explore the many different percussion instruments, and their own new kinds of rattles! It is a time and space to play, crawl, dance, make noises and sounds, and... to sleep and dream. ​

One lullaby is sung to the trees and birds in the forest, another for the little boat, that falls asleep at the bottom of the sea in a treasure box, one is for Jumbo in the jungle, where some animals sleep tight, others roam nocturnally. A mother dances with her baby in arms looking to the moon, and the trollmum ties the tails of her 11 small trolls as she puts them to bed.

Scandinavian Singing Club was formally founded in London in 2015 with conductor/singer Marta Mathea Radwan, singer Åshild Bjørkeng Haugen and founder/singer Mia Theil Have. The trio has performed at charity events, concerts and to their online followers since.

With this project they will release their first album with Scandinavian lullabies from the performance, and a booklet will be made with artworks for each lullaby and lyrics in original languages and English translations.

Performed by Åshild Bjørkeng Haugen, Marta Mathea Radwan and Mia Theil Have 
Concept/Director/Design: Mia Theil Have
Musical Director: Marta Mathea Radwan
Costumes: Luis F. Carvalho
Associate Direction/Design: Stephano Regueros Savvides
Creative Producer: Mia Theil Have

Duration: 40 min. approximately