Presentazione del libro: Thinking with the Feet / Pensare con i piedi


06. November 2018


17:30 - 18:00


Convento della Ripa
Via Ripa 12
24021 Albino (BG), Italy

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Free entrance

Book Presentation

Thinking with the Feet

- Actor’s techniques and theatre anthropology

a book by Vicki Ann Cremona, Francesco Galli and Julia Varley  
with contributions by Eugenio Barba and Chiara Crupi

Thinking with the feet visualises the spaces, relationships and themes at the 15th ISTA session at the Ripa Convent in 2016 in Albino.
The book introduces the reader to the rhythm and structure of the research on the principles of the performer’s technique according to the comparative method of theatre anthropology.

At its foundation in 1980, ISTA, International School of Theatre Anthropology, was defined a ”school” by Eugenio Barba since its purpose was to explain the principles of a new discipline: theatre anthropology.
In the course of 36 years and fifteen sessions, ISTA’s western and Asian teachers and the combination of various professions have created a temporary yet periodic milieu which shares questions and research.
This book was made after the 15th session of ISTA in Albino (Italy), so it is the latest documentation and includes many photographs from the session.

Odin Teatrets Forlag

Printed book in English & Italian
Soft cover

DKK 190,- | 25€

1st edition, 2017.
260 pp., illu. in colour
Isbn 978-87-87292-20-7

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