El eco del silencio


14. February 2018


13:00 - 14:15


Réplika Teatro
Calle Pedro Justo Dorado Dellmans 8
28040 Madrid

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The Echo of Silence

Work demonstration on the voice and text interpretation, with Julia Varley

The Echo of Silence is a performance which describes the vicissitudes of the voice of an actress and the strategies she invents to "interpret" a text.

The voice of the actor and the text presented to the spectators together compose the music of the performance. In theatre, which seems to be free of the codes we find in music, the actor needs to create a labyrinth of rules, references and resistance he has to follow or refuse in order to achieve a personal expression and recognise his/her own voice.  

Language: Spanish 

Duration: 90 min. (without a break) 

More information at: replikateatro.com