09. - 10. Feb 2018




Teatro Dallas
1331 Record Crossing Rd, Dallas
Texas, USA

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Two stories with a happy ending from death camps in the heart of Europe. Performance about the burden and duty of the memory regarding the memories from the country you long to return to and a crying stranger, singing under a tree. 

The stories of Moshe and Stella are taken from Yaffa Eliach's Tales of the Holocaust. Fragments of the poem Death Fugue by Paul Celan are also used during the performance.

Performance in Dallas is part of the 18th International Festival dedicated to Eugenio Barba.


Duration: 65 min.

Language: English

Actors: Else Marie Laukvik and Frans Winther

Text: Else Marie Laukvik in collaboration with Eugenio Barba and Frans Winther

Music: Frans Winther - Yiddish folksongs

Director: Eugenio Barba

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