28. February 2018




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Linee Libere from Rome performs a story based on a classical opera to highlight a current social issue.

Linee Libere is the name of a young Italian theater group from Rome, that has been in a residence at the Nordic Theater Laboratory - Odin Theater for a month, in order to complete their new performance, Pagliacci (Gøglere). The piece has been inspired by a world-renowned opera of the same name by the 19th-century Italian composer Ruggero Leoncavallo.

The result of this work will be presented in Holstebro on Wednesday 28th of February at 16:00 at the Odin Theater. The performance is based on the principles of physical theatre, therefore the comprehensibility is not highly influenced by the use of Italian language. And even though is Teatro Linee's performance based on an opera libretto, it follows its own narrative rather than the action in the original story.

We are introduced to a bunch of gypsies, stray actors and poor travelers, among whom a sick envy abounds. But on the stage they feel free from their frustrations and they are able to openly express their inner being. It is as though they were actors in the past. The only thing they own is a big bag with all their props and belongings. At the night they take out a sheet that they can sleep on. During the day it turns into a sky above the stage where they perform.

At the same time the performance refers to a problem that recently seems to become more and more serious in Italy: the increasing number of young people who kill each other. These acts are often connected to the lack of love and to the jealousy, which are also some of the major topics concerning Leoncavallo's work. The question is whether the extensive phenomenon of television shows has an impact on this unfortunate social development. Do the young people imitate what they see on television screens? Does the cruel violence performed by beautiful actors tend to make people feeling confused about fiction and reality and lead them to believe that they are performing in great thrillers?

Linee Libere was founded in 2015 by Irene Di Lelio, the director and the head of the theater. Six actors and two live musicians are involved in the performance. Pagliacci is now almost the only opera of Leoncavallo, which is still being performed.

Foto: Caterina Valletti



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