Topeng: teatro de máscaras balinesas


10. - 11. Feb 2018


9:00 - 13:30


Nouveau Colombier
Escuela Internacional de Mimo y Teatro Gestual
Calle de Matilde Hernandez 31
28019 Madrid, Spain

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Topeng: Balinese Mask Theatre

Led by I Wayan Bawa

I Wayan Bawa has studied Gambuh, Topeng and Tjalonarang, the drama of magic, under the guidance of I Made Djimat, one of the great Balinese dance masters. He has also been a student of the Dance Academy in Denpasar, STSI, and now is the artistic director and main teacher for the male roles of the Gambuh Desa Batuan Ensemble. He has collaborated with ISTA since 1995 and is a permanent member of the Theatrum Mundi Ensemble, participating in the performances Ur-Hamlet and The Marriage of Medea directed by Eugenio Barba. Since 2000 I Wayan Bawa also travels alone to give workshops and present his performance work demonstration The Total Actor created in collaboration with Julia Varley.

Topeng, in Balinese, means mask. It is also the name for any performance with masked characters. Topeng takes its narratives from the Babad or Chronicles of the Balinese Kings, reflecting the complex hierarchy of Balinese society in its social, religious and political structure. In Topeng there are silent full masks, speaking half masks, the penasar who has the task of explaining the story to the audience and the comic bonres (clowns) who interact with the spectators. A Topeng performance traditionally starts with the Topeng Tua (the old man) and ends with Sidya Kharya (the divinity who ends the dance) by sprinkling blessed water and holding a white cloth as protection against evil spirits.

Workshop will be conducted in English and translated into Spanish.

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