Teatro di gruppo: radici, processi e trasformazioni


16. March 2018


14:00 - 16:00


Via Nazareth, 17
5128 Padua PD, Italy

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Group theater: roots, processes and transformations

Conference with Julia Varley

Alternative theater collectives were born during the years of social revolt in Europe and Latin America. Their started the tradition of a work that depends on the individuals that make up the group rather than on a texts or productions. Training, parades, dancing, singing, exchanges and networks are part of the terminology used to define a professional identity in which theater making is a way to mantain a position in history. In her lecture, Julia Varley will talk about this tradition and institutions which endorse it in their work - Odin Teatret and Magdalena Project.  

For more information and contact the organizer: https://metaarte.it/