Jazzkoncert: FUSK


27. April 2018




Vendersgade 14
7500 Holstebro, Denmark

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Kr. 120 / 60 for Students & Pensioners (at the door)

Outstanding international jazz quartet!

FUSK : Rudi Mahall, bass clarinet - Germany, Tomasz Dabrowski, trumpet - Poland, Andreas Lang, bass - DK, Kasper Tom, drums - DK

If you have a weak spot for first-class groundbreaking, new jazz, which sounds fantastic, interesting and surprising, then do not hesitate for a second, but head for one of the most vibrant cultural sites in Holstebro, the Kulturdivisionen (the Cultural Division - in the old slaughterhouse), Friday the 27th April at 20.00 and let yourself be completely absorbed by the international jazz quartet FUSK's entirely captivating music.

FUSK is led by the Danish drummer and composer Kasper Tom. The quartet has produced three highly acclaimed albums and has toured most of Europe extensively since 2008. The band counts two of Denmark's foremost rhythm group musicians: Berlin-based bassist Andreas Lang and Svendborg-based drummer Kasper Tom. The group also counts two prominent and unique European improvisers: The legendary German bass clarinetist Rudi Mahall and the amazing Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski - both outstanding intermediaries on their respective instruments. The full repertoire of FUSK has been composed by Kasper Tom, and in recent years he has been highly praised by jazz reviewers around Europe.

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Tthe prominent Polish jazz critic Adam Baruch has, among others, described it as follows:

The music is a wonderful proof of Kasper Tom's talent as a composer. His music is always somewhere between a captivating melodic theme and an open structure that is ideal for improvisation and musical exploration. Such a balance is relatively rare and hard to achieve ... "

Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet) is, by virtue of his very special talent for playing the clarinet, a living myth on the European jazz scene. His outstanding sound and approach makes him one of the most sought after musicians in the world today. Over the past two decades, he has amazed jazz audiences around the world in bands such as: Der Rote Bereich, Globe Unity Orchestra, Die Enttäuschung and in collaboration with Evan Parker, Aki Takase and Alexander von Schlippenbach.

Tomasz Dabrowski (trumpet) is the new trumpet talent of Europe! With his personal sound and the engaging "on the edge" music, he belongs to the elite of younger European jazz musicians. Tomasz is active both as leader and sideman and furthermore plays with Tomasz Stanko, Greg Osby, Tyshawn Sorey and Jacob Anderskov.

Andreas Lang (bass) and Kasper Tom (drums) are the quartet's Danish contribution. The two have played together since they met at Svendborg Gymnasium in 1997 and have since won a reputation as one of Europe's strongest and most inventive rhythm groups. They are known from their interaction with, inter alia, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jacob Anderskov, Anders Mogensen and as a rhythm group for the trumpeter Mads la Cour.

With young European Jazz musicians like these one can look forward to the future with at least some optimism. The renaissance of ambitious music in Europe is truly heartwarming, against allodds and like an oasis in the desert of mediocrity that modern life pushes down our throats. Well done indeed!"
Review by Adam Baruch / The soundtrack of my life
Kasper Tom has shown himself again as a bold and resourceful composer who can gather the musicians into a challenging situation and produce some material of wonder and fresh exuberance. Ost Bingo Skruer is a great record that challenges conventions but is also rich and fun to experience. 
St. Moore, Jazzwrap.com.
Danish drummer Kasper Tom Christiansen is one of the most interesting composers in the vibrant Danish jazz scene. As many other like-minded composers in this scene, he does not bind himself to the jazz legacy. His distinct musical personality references elements of contemporary music, and free improvisation. His compositions often bend catchy melodies into complex structures, while playing with seriousness. He challenges with odd segments and constantly attempts to push the boundaries without forgetting formative legacies. Impressive performances of demanding and challenging compositions.

FUSK defines its own freedom, between contrapuntal springboard melodies, sometimes bordering on serial techniques, and catchy themes that employ hard-swinging rhythms, joint improvisations and expressive deconstruction of patterns, all performed with passionate playfulness and wise irony....playful interplay, true to the spirit of this excellent quartet...Funny, inventive and provocative
Eyal Hareuven.



The concert is organized by the Culture Division, the Subhuset and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in collaboration with Jazz 78, Jazz Club 93 Holstebro, Holstebro Music School and Holstebro Music School Support Assosciation.

Supported by Holstebro Municipality.

Photo: Dovile Sermokas.

Tickets are purchased at the door.