The Centaure Village bis...


24. May - 07. Jun 2018



see map


Responsible: Julia Varley, Dina Abu Hamdan (to be confirmed)

ARRIVAL Thursday 24 May 2018 – DEPARTURE Thursday 7 June 2018. (15 days incl. arr./dep)

With Manolo, Camille, Alma, Nell, + groom, Brigitte Cirla and Eléonore Bovon (violinist).

(4-5 horses Tao, Gaia, Arjuna, Akira, Toshiro and one more horse).

5 boxes, manège (carrière with sand), one roulotte (camping caravan) for the person sleeping/watching the horses.

Centaures, Brigitte and Eléonore sleep at Odin House where they also prepare their food bought by Odin Teatret.


Daily rehearsal Three ages (Trois âges) with Manolo, Camilla, Julia, Alma, Brigitte Cirla and Eléonore.

Rehearsals at Odin Teatret without horses for Trois Ages (Three ages).

OPEN TO PUBLIC: Twice a day (morning, afternoon): open rehearsals of Three ages with spectators. One short appearance every evening in connection with the church concert.


ANIMAGLYPHES in town Wednesday 6 June.

Programme in the morning for schools led by Carolina and Frans.

During the winter Frans visits schools and prepares songs and other materials to be presented to the horses.

Carolina leads the encounter in the morning assisted by Luis (who is also technician) and a group of participants to their workshop starting 22 May (after arrival from Paris), ending 6 June + 2 days extra for cleaning (7-8 June).

Other possible arrangements: Anna Stigsgaard (Over hækken), Ensemble Midtvest (music).