The dance of intentions


25. - 27. May 2018


17:00 - 21:00


Omma Studio Theatre
Leof. Papanastasiou 171
Heraklion 714 09, Greece

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200 €

Workshop with Roberta Carreri on physical and vocal training

The objective of this workshop is to provide the foundations for a training which, through the exploration of a formalized scenic behavior, can help young actors to discover their scenic presence and can give the experienced actors a way of freeing themselves of their performing automatisms and clichés.

The workshop is divided into two parts. The first part concentrates on the actor's physical training - on the awakening of the actor's presence. The second part focuses on vocal work, with exercises that awaken the sonority of the voice and develop the capacity to make vocal actions in space.

The work focuses on the next points :

  • the perception of the individual actor's presence in relation to space and to other actors on stage.
  • Find ways to be present in the action one is doing and at the same time to be ready to react.
  • Search the axis of the body : work with the "in-tensions" and with a dynamic immobility.
  • Explore different qualities of energy of the gaze
  • Identify different points in the body where the leading impulse of a movement starts.


Each participant is required to come to the workshop with a text of about 20 lines learned by heart as well as a song. 

Information: +30/2810263659, +30/ 6945898204



No theater group has explored deeper the mechanisms of the work of the actor and stage presence as Odin Teatret. Since 1964, Eugenio Barba, considered the father of Theater Anthropology studies and one of the last great masters of contemporary theater, led this company in a dazzling international trajectory. Odin teatret  is now legendary.

Odin's actors, almost all of them, work together from more than 50 years. In a collective and in an individual way, they all carried an intense research into the art of the actor, giving uncountable workshops throughout the world, becoming real Masters too.

Roberta Carreri joined Odin Teatret in 1974 and still works in the group to this day. The development of her personal technique was marked by the influence of theatre forms from India, Bali, China, and in particular by working with Japanese masters such as Katzuko Azuma (Nihon Buyo), Natsu Nakajima and Kazuo Ohno ( Butoh). Her research is based on the "physical and vocal presence of the actor", which she developed in a pedagogical format as a workshop entitled "The Dance of Intentions."