28. May 2018




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Free / Gratis

A Work-in-Progress

On stage, five bodies meet to explore through couples, trios, individually and in group the vast concept of Time. Through a choreographic and rhythmical game, and bespoke music score, different themes emerge, sometimes tragical, sometimes comical, revealing how the passage of time can give birth to cycles, repetitions, patterns of behaviour, vices and dependency in our human relations. Although we are constantly changing our clothes, hair, partners, our countries…, we change very little within us. “Where do the trains go to (…)? To Mahal, Tamil, to Camirí, places on the map (…) although the trains move, you don't move from yourself.” (Hilda Hilst)

This piece is a work-in-progress proposing a look beyond the borders that separate text, dance and mime.

Timing starts from the desire to create work based solely on movement exploration and discovery. Aiming to free the creative process from intellectual impositions, Timing seeks a devising process based on very concrete physical elements and improvisations, allowing the body to speak through movement and to let emerge subjects that are more genuine and most urgent for the performers to address. The work looks at the body as an expression of our humanity and to what is part of our very human condition: our relationships. It chooses to put the bodies in relation to another in order to recount moments of existence and to reveal our fragility as humans. Through a research on the fundamentals of the movement and on new approaches to creating choreography, this project explores physical language's boarders, investigating the dialogue between mime, dance and theatre.

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Creation: Chiara Capitani, Vinicius Carvalho and Barbara Mangano
Concept / director: Vinicius Carvalho
Performers: Chiara Capitani, Vinicius Carvalho, Marianna Cifarelli, Barbara Mangano and Danilo Sekic. (and Elena Michielin)
Music: Gwennaelle Roulleau and Alex Paton
Graphic design: Eloise Carles
Production: Fool’s Cap Theatre 



European Cultural Foundation STEP TRAVEL and Danish Arts Foundation

Supporters: Nordisk TeaterlaboratoriumStudio d’Acta Fabula (Acta Fabula); Pôle recherche et création de l’Espace Culturel des Arts du Masque (Cie Varsorio); Cie Le Jour se Lève (Emmanuel Oger); Théâtre Corbeil Essonnes.