06. June 2018


18.45  *Nyt begyndelsessted/ New starting point


Holstebro by & Kommune

see map



From Gråkjær Arena

along Stationsvej and Nørregade to Kælkebakken

Spectators are advised either to go by bike to Gråkjær Arena or to join the parade on foot as it passes Nørreport - horses are moving faster than people! 

The word animaglyphe is composed of anima (soul) / animal and glyphe, as in the word hieroglyph. It's a drawing in the cityscape with animals and humans. As with the centaur, the dream is for the animaglyph to merge into one being with the cityscape. 
The spectators can follow up to 70 horses and riders from the VIA car park, along Stationsvej and Nørregade to Kælkebakken, where a scene of the Théâtre du Centaure will be performed.

With: Théâtre du Centaure, Odin Teatret, Brigitte Cirla and Ikarus workshop participants and approx. 70 local horses and riders.

NB! Because two arrangments are happening at the same time, the starting point of the Animaglyph has now been moved from the VIA parking area to Gråkjær Arena.



 Photos @Egon Hørslev Rasmussen