Eco do silêncio


24. - 26. Jul 2018


09:00 - 13:00


Brasilia, Brazil

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R$ 800 / 1.610

The Echo of Silence

Workshop on vocal dramaturgy for actors and singers, led by Julia Varley

The workshop deals with the unity of the physical and vocal impulse, the connection between the singing and speaking voice, and the relationship between text and action. The participants will work individually and in chorus to achieve the characteristic generosity of the voice at the moment when it is offered to the surrounding space.

Language: Portuguese

Open for application until 30 June 2018 

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Organised by 

Cia. YinsPiração Poéticas Contemporâneas
SOLOS FERTEIS - The Magdalena Project - Brasil
+55 61 9 8417 8167 / 9 8402 2696
Brasília - Brasil


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