O castelo de Holstebro, Brasilia


23. July 2018




Brasilia, Brazil

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The Castle of Holstebro is a phantom castle inhabited by figments of imagination. An invisible castle, brought to life by the performance through a theatrical process along the lines of "stream of consciousness", used in literature. The Castle of Holstebro is the world, which becomes a dream, the dream which becomes a world. Inside its walls a dialogue between a young woman and her eternal companion is spun in the same way thoughts venture into the opposing logic of experience. Like the butterfly at the larval state a woman dressed in white is born by her ironical admirer. Talks with him and then appears as him. He is self assured, cynical and full of life. She lives in the water amongst the flowers and illusions. He is enchanting, alive; changes dimension in dramatic ways; is interested in the spectator and is curious. She is capable of living in a world of chimera, where love smiles from a pure and bright imagination. The performance moves in the changeable and repetitive landscape of time. To loose itself in a labyrinth of character and situations. In search of lost memories.


Actor:            Julia Varley
Director:        Eugenio Barba
Text:              Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley


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