Ave Maria


15. January 2019




DG-17, Major Arterial Road, DG Block(Newtown), Action Area I, 3rd Rotary
Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal
700156, India

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Death feels lonely.
A ceremony for the Chilean actress María Cánepa.

Three hundred steps in few instants.
Stone skin on my head.
The dead and the transparent flies -
what are they? And what do I matter?
Maybe death doesn't take everything away.

These verses by the Italian poet Antonio Verri sum up the performance. The British actress Julia Varley evokes her meeting and friendship with the Chilean actress
María Cánepa. Death itself celebrates the creative fantasy and dedication of María, who was able to leave a trace after her departure.


Actress: Julia Varley
Director: Eugenio Barba
Assistant Director: Pierangelo Pompa
Text: Odin Teatret and quotes from
Gonzalo Rojas and Pablo Neruda

Languages: Italian. English and Spanish
Duration: 1 hour (without a break)

Read more about this performance here







Tantidhatri, is India’s first International Women’s Performing Arts Festival. Its first edition took place in Pondicherry in 2012 and the second, in Bangalore in 2016. This third edition, will take place in Bangalore and Dhaka in January 2019. Tantidhatri aims at being a space of engagement for artists, thinkers and groups that are committed to women’s work in the field of performing arts. The festival is socially engaged and will donate its benefits to helping children that live in the street (specially girls).

Tantidhatri Festival, is inspired by the Transit festival lead by Julia Varley and it is part of the Magdalena Project, an international network of women of contemporary theater that was founded by Jill Greenhalgh in 1986. It promotes the visibility of women's creations, fostering criticism, support and teaching. Currently, there are more than a thousand people from 50 countries linked to the network and there are autonomous groups that organize festivals on a regular basis. In its 31 years the Magdalena has made 86 meetings and festivals in 22 countries.


‘Tanti’ in old Pali language is a ‘thread’ going beyond time and ‘Dhatri’ means the woman who holds it." Thus, the word ‘Tantidhatri’ suggests different meanings.
It may be beads of different colors and each bead in it can be a lineage, or a generation of relationships. ‘Tantidhatri’ may also mean a performance, a practice of workshop and training, traditional schooling in performing arts all over the world, or the transmission of an artistic expressions or a discourse from a generation to the other.


Tantidhatri 2019- “How to create Energy”

This edition of Tantidhatri, will be centered on the theme of Energy, different forms of energy. We will talk about how do we create energy through body movements, voice and silence. The festival will bring together traditional and contemporary art forms. Tantidharti will give voice to more “on the edge” communities, such as transgender community and young girls born from prostitutes. The festival will donate its benefits in order to help girls that live in the street.

Tantidhatri 2019 plans to bring together the performance works of women artists across the globe ranging from Theatre, Music, Dance, to the Visual Arts, Ritual and Spiritual practices. The festival will provide a space for practitioners and thinkers across the world to have opportunity to dialogue and present multiple perspectives on each other’s work. Through the festival, meetings, lectures, workshops, documentation, books, films during the festival days.