Dialogue with Eugenio Barba and Stan Lai - Part 2


28. October 2019


10:00 - 12:00
in the Traditional Storytelling Hall


Wuzhen Scenic Town
No.18 South Shifo Road | Wuzhen Town,
Tongxiang 314501, China

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Forum 4: A Dialogue with Eugenio Barba and Stan Lai, Part 2


During the Second Wuzhen Theatre Festival in 2014, Stan Lai and Eugenio Barba held a conversation on the topic of creativity in theatre. Five years later, their dialogue continues...on theatre, creativity and a plethora of related topics.

HOST: Stan Lai 

Co-founder, Executive Chairman, Wuzhen Theatre Festival
Eugenio Barba
Founder, Odin Teatret