Dentro del esqueleto de la ballena


14. - 17. Nov 2019


20:30 on 14, 15, 16 Nov.
12:00 on 17 Nov


Centro Cultural Bertolt Brecht
Calle 13 Esquina I, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion
Ciudad de la Habana, 258, La Habana 10400, Cuba

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Inside the Skeleton of the Whale

Variations over Before the Law by Franz Kafka

Kafka's short story Before the Law tells of a man from the country who, out of subjection and obedience, does not dare to pass through the Door of the Law.

Into this theme the performance weaves metaphysical and nihilistic urges, subterranean plots and black apocryphal versions of the Holy Books. Despair disguises itself as hope, and spiritual extremism assumes an appearance of mocking scepticism. The public space of the theatre turns into a paradoxical space of shared solitude.

The title refers to a verse of the Gospel according to Matthew: Our evil and adulterous generation demands a sign. But no sign will be given to us, except for the sign of Jonas. 


Luis Alonso, Kai Bredholt, Roberta Carreri, Jan Ferslev, Elena Floris, Donald Kitt, Tage Larsen, Carolina Pizarro, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Julia Varley

Directed by
Eugenio Barba

Language: Spanish
Duration: 1 hour

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Poster by Peter Bysted

Poster by Peter Bysted