Il gruppo teatrale: tecniche e visioni


17. February 2019


10:00 - 13:00


Teatro Vascello
Via Giacinto Carini 78
00152 Rome, Italy

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Ingresso libero / Free admittance

Techniques and Visions

Meeting between local theatre groups and Odin Teatret

For theatre groups interested in participating

Odin Teatret is interested in meeting the theatre groups that work in Rom and its province, to learn more about their visions and practice, their organisation of continuity, line of research and strategy of resistance. For this reason, Abraxa Teatro, collaborating with Odin Teatret and its activities in Rome and Teatro Vascello, will receive confirmation from groups wishing to take part in this meeting. 

According to Odin Teatret rules: There are no specific requirements and no selection will take place. Abraxa will list the applicants in the order they receive an email of interest and motivation (send an email to:

The first thirty will be admitted. All those, who have expressed an interest in participating (after we have reached the limit of 30), will only be able to attend the meeting as spectators.

Each group, including Odin Teatret, will have three minutes to present themselves. Each will have to answer succinctly to three standard questions (name of the group, how long s/he has worked with the group, who her/his teachers were) and to show practically an example of their work: performance pieces, extracts of acting training, if practiced, a song or an improvisation.