La danza delle intenzioni


08. - 10. Feb 2019



Sala Arhat Teatro
Via S. Michele, 1
Pontirolo Nuovo BG, Italy

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Participation fee: 130 €

Workshop with Roberta Carreri on physical and vocal training

The workshop with Roberta Carreri will be divided into two parts. The first part will concentrate on the actor’s physical training - on the awakening of the actor’s scenic presence. The second part will focus on the work with the voice, comprising exercises that awaken different sonority of the voice and develop the capacity to make vocal actions in the space. The aim of the workshop is to transmit, in a relatively short period of time, the basis of a training.

The workshop will focus on the following aspects:

•    the perception of your own presence in relation to the space and to the other actors on stage
•    how to be present in the action and at the same time to be ready to react
•    how to find the axe of your body, and how to work with the “in-tensions”
•    how to achieve a dynamic immobility
•    the creation of physical and vocal actions, and how to realize them with different qualities of energy
•    how to explore different qualities of energy in the gaze
•    work on slow motion
•    vocal training with several body resonators
•    the relations between vocal and physical actions

Each participant is required to learn by heart a song and a text of min. 20 lines


Sala Arhat Teatro

Via San Michele 1

Pontirolo Nuovo


Tel: 3474195039