La vita cronica, film di Chiara Crupi


23. February 2019


10:30 - 13:00


Biblioteca Villino Corsini
Villa Pamphilj, ingresso da Largo III Giugno 1849
00164 Rome, Italy

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Free admittance / Ingresso libero previa iscrizione gratuita alle Biblioteche di Roma

The Chronic Life

PREMIERE of the film by Chiara Crupi on Odin Teatret’s performance with the same title.

The Chronic Life takes place in various European countries in 2031, after the Third Civil War. Groups and individuals converge, challenging each other over their diverging dreams, disappointments and hopes. A boy from Latin America arrives, seeking his father, who has inexplicably disappeared. "Stop searching for your father" people tell him while escorting him from door to door.

The boy is not saved by knowledge or innocence. Rather, a newfound ignorance leads him to his door. All this takes place to the bewilderment of all of us, who no longer believe the unbelievable: that a single victim's life is beyond value, is worth more than God.

Meeting with Chiara Crupi and Franco Ruffini at Biblioteca Villino Corsini - Villa Pamphilj

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