Sticks and Stones


02. February 2019


08.00 / 09.30


Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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A Process in Search of a Meaning
WORKSHOP for actors and performers, conducted by Donald Kitt


The workshop will focus on several components: the performers physical training; the development of actions inspired by the use of an object; vocal exploration, a discovery of an individual rhythm, spatial awareness and dynamism. The workshop aims at offering a personal process in search of a meaning.


Sticks & Stones: a Process in Search of a Meaning
Workshop for actors and performers, conducted by Donald Kitt.

Donald Kitt was born in Canada in 1964, and in 2006 he joined Odin Teatret and now, as well as acting, he directs, performs on stilts, teaches workshops and instructs young stilters and performers involved in barters and transformances (theatricalisation of a specific social milieu) in Denmark.

30 January - 4 February 2019
at Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark

Since the 1990s Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret has hosted and been responsible for various international theatre festivals amongst which the recurrent Odin Week Festival (presenting the different aspects of Odin Teatret’s work), Transit Festival (dedicated to the work of women in theatre), the Holstebro Festuge (involving the local community). From the 30th of January to the 4th of February 2019 the first NTL Theatre Festival and Meeting will be held at Odin Teatret, with workshops, work demonstrations, work-in-progress, performances and a symposium. The NTL Festival will present the work of some of the artists and groups that make up the autonomous and connected constellation of NTL long-time residents and co-productions. 

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