Tre cammini d’attore, masterclass con Roberta Carrer, Julia Varley e Parvathy Baul


21. - 23. Feb 2019


10:00 - 14:00 (Giovedì, venerdì, sabato)


Labirion Officine Trasversali
Via Bellegra, 31-33
00171 Roma RM, Italy

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€ 130

21 February 2019. Hrs. 10.00 - 14:00

The Dance of Intentions

Masterclass directed by Roberta Carreri, actress at Odin Teatret since 1974.


The work will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on the physical training of the actor, or on the reawakening of the actor's presence.
The second part will focus on working with the voice and includes exercises to awaken the different sounds of the actor's voice and realize vocal actions in space.

22 February 2019. Hrs 10:00 - 14:00

Vocal Actions

Masterclass directed by Julia Varley, actress at Odin Teatret since 1976.

The masterclass concentrates on the unity of the physical and vocal impulse, and of the singing and speaking voice, on the relationship between text and action, trying to recognise the individual and chorus voice and to reach the generosity of the voice given to space.

Needs: the participants should know by heart a text (poetry or prose, about half a page) and a song on the theme of silence

23 febbraio 2019 - ore 10:00  14:00

Baul Singing

Masterclass with Parvathy Baul (India)

During the masterclass, Parvathy Baul introduces participants to some basic elements of Baul singing practice, which include voice, dance and body movements. The participants will learn some songs and will be introduced to the Baul tradition through the direct experience of Parvathy and some examples that she will show during the work.

The Baul Parampara is transmitted during years of studies following a guru who introduces the young people to the knowledge of the Baul song. Parvathy's teaching comes from a very ancient tradition that has been passed on through generations and generations of masters. In order to obtain the authority to teach Baul, years of practice, past blessings and acceptance by elderly Guru Bauls are needed.

Necessity: Participants must arrive at least ten minutes before and remain seated in silence before commencement of activities.
Required materials: Pen and notebook, a non-professional device (a cell phone is more than good) to record the songs to study, white socks that facilitate the movements of the feet, to be able to work barefoot in a work room.
If students play instruments, percussions, cymbals or bells (for ankles) they may bring them.



Max. 16 participants


€ 130 OR

€ 330: 3 seminars at Labirion Officine Trasversali 
1) Energia in azione, with Carolina Pizarro (14-16 Feb.);
2) Presenza scenica nella danza balinese, with I Wayan Bawa (Bali, 18-20 Feb.);
3) Tre cammini d’attore: La danza delle intenzioni, with Roberta Carreri (21 Feb.); Azioni vocali, with Julia Varley (22 Feb.); Canto Baul, with Parvathy Baul (23 Feb.)

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Organised by Odin Teatret in collaboration with Labirion Officine Trasversali