Cohabitation - Immersion in the Process of Composition


04. Mar - 11. Apr 2019



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Participation fee: Euro 1,300 / DKK 9.700

Theatre Anthropology and Actor's Dramaturgy

A thirty-eight-day workshop for 30 participants 


Eugenio Barba, I Wayan Bawa (Bali) and Odin Teatret's actors

The workshop includes:

  • 3 hours work every day with I Wayan Bawa on the dramaturgical principles of Balinese dance and the use of masks;
  • Daily vocal and physical training with Odin Teatret actors;
  • Theoretical/practical meetings with Eugenio Barba;
  • Analysis of Odin Teatret’s performances’ dramaturgy from the perspective of the actor, director, text, space, music, and the overall montage;
  • Personal time to develop actor’s material and exchange with other participants;
  • Twenty performances;
  • Work demonstrations;
  • Discussions;
  • Films;
  • Guided access to OTA (Odin Teatret Archives);
  • Participation in a barter.
  • A final day of sharing the rehearsals of Odin Teatret’s new production;

The day will start at 8 am and finish after the performances or other activities in the evening, with a lunch break in the middle.

With its duration and intensity, Cohabitation - sharing the daily life of Odin Teatret - aims to create a work milieu which functions also as a "collective mind". In theatre, we can speak of a "collective mind" when an ensemble of motivated people is engaged in a creative process which doesn't aim at realising an already clearly defined dramaturgical structure. A "collective mind" integrates different specialisations, various degrees of experience and diverse responsibilities in an assembling process similar to that which happens in the individual mind in the course of invention: sudden changes of direction, detours, exploitation of serendipitous effects, leaps from one level of organisation to another (pre-expressive level, organic dramaturgy, narrative dramaturgy, shaping of the space, musical universe, etc.) according to continuity and simultaneity. The flowing continuity of each element that builds the complex structure of a performance is put into relationship with simultaneity when the different elements interact and blend.

Working language: English

During Cohabitation Odin Teatret will present the following performances: The Chronic Life, Great Cities Under the Moon, Ode to Progress, Ave Maria, Memoria, Itsi Bitsi, Doña Musica’s Butterflies, Salt, The Castle of Holstebro, My Stage Children and Inside the Skeleton of the Whale, and several work demonstrations.

Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium will present the following NTL co-productions: The Starry Messenger, Tierra de Fuego and From Amagasaki to Shibugaki - A Geography of an Apprenticeship.

Some performances will be shown several times giving the participants the possibility to analyse the different parts, relationships and layers that compose the whole.

Practical Information

Download application form here

Application Deadline: 1 December 2018

Completed application form should be sent to:
Subject: Co-habitation 2019

Confirmation: 7 December 2018

Payment Due: 15 December 2018

Fee: 1,300 Euro (about 9700 DKK)

The fee covers the full programme incl. all public performances as well as shared accommodation and use of the kitchen, but not food.
Included in the accommodation is bedlinen and towels.

Participants should arrive by 3:00 p.m. on the 4th of March 2019 and departure is on the 11th of April 2019.


Performance Programme
during Co-habitation

Performances are presented in English unless otherwise mentioned.

4-6 March 2019: The Chronic Life

8 March 2019:The Total Actor

9 March 2019: Great Cities under the Moon

11-12 March 2019: Memoria 

14 March 2019: Itsi Bitsi [in Danish]

18 March 2019: Shakespeare's Heroes

19-21 March 2019: Ode to Progress 

23 March 2019: The Castle of Holstebro 

25 March 2019: Doña Música’s Butterflies 

27-28 March 2019: Salt [in Italian]

30 March 2019: Ave Maria 

01 April 2019: My Stage Children 

02 April 2019: The Starry Messenger (NTL) 

03 April 2019: Seeds of Memory (NTL) 

04 April 2019: Behind the Curtains (NTL) 

05 April 2019: Tierra de fuego (NTL) [in Spanish]

06 April 2019: De amagaki a shibugaki (NTL) [in Spanish and English]

08-09 April 2019: Inside the skeleton of the Whale