21. March 2019



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Masterclass with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley


The masterclass is structured as a dialogue between the participants and Eugenio Barba and through practical situations and demonstrations by Julia Varley. The dialogue reveals Eugenio Barba's way of working through examples of exercises and scenes, while Julia Varley contributes with the actor's point of view.

The masterclass will address the different levels of organization regarding theatre practise and the basic aspects of theatrical anthropology including:

  • Daily and extra-daily techniques
  • Organic or dynamic dramaturgy (physical and vocal actions)
  • Relationship between dynamic dramaturgy and narrative structure
  • Difference between movement and action
  • Static and dynamic immobility
  • Energy in space and energy in time
  • Director's dramaturgy
  • Actor's dramaturgy
  • Assembly technique
  • The perception of the director and the perception of the spectator