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02. March 2019




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr. 120 / 60

Declaration of Independence

A solo performance by Kata Juhasz, hungarian dancer, choreograph and co-creator of the project "Kunst på opkald" (Art on-call) by Kunstpartiet.

”I was born in the year that Denmark, Ireland and the U.K. became members of the Eurpean Union. I was educated as a medical doctor in Budapest but I decided to dance because the call of art was stronger. I became a solo dancer in a French-Hungarian company when Hungary joined the EU in 2004 and we felt like we had been reborn.

I then witnessed many of my compatriots declare their independence by leaving Hungary for political reasons and moving to Germany and even more to the U.K. Next, I witnessed that many British citizens declared their willingness to become independent by leaving the EU. So I decided to return to my original profession, the medical profession, to maintain my independence and help with the health of European citizens… ”

This performance, articulated in verbal speech and contemporary physical movements, is an ironic but honest self-reflection and a personal showdown with certain historical points of view on the possibilities of an authentic artist who is willing to maintain her independence in a politicized environment about the changing borders of the EU.

Kata Juhasz is an artist, who never ceases to surprice her audience with her unique creative playfulness. Her sharp and yet sensitive approach ensures that really heavy and serious  subjects are touched by clarity and flair. What more reason would one need as an excuse to go see good theatre?”

Szinház – Hungary's most important monthly art-reviewing magazin.

The first American edition of The Declaration of Indenpendence was created within the framework of the Philadelphia Dance Project's bilateral exchange programme and was inspired by the city where - The Declaration of Independence - the USA founding document was published in 1776.

Dance, Choreography: Kata Juhasz

Text, dramaturgy and concept: Tamas Lóky

Music: Alexix Cuadrado


Supported by The Hungarian National Art Foundation, the Ministry for Human Capacity in Hungary, The Workshop Foundation, Philadelphia Dance Project and the Aulea Foundation.

TICKETS: Kr. 120 
Students, pensioners and groups of 10+: Kr. 60

Ticket reservation: +45 9742 4777
Monday-Friday between 09:00-15:00

Reserved tickets must be collected more than 15 min. before the performance begins.